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Galaxy S4 Problems Surfacing

MOBILE - Well that didn't take long. Within weeks of the release of Samsung's flagship mobile device, the new S4 is proving to already be a headache for many customers.  Reports are poring in from around the country about dropped calls, texting issues, and even a strange pink goo that leaks from the back.  This can't be good.

The Beaver Is Back!

Yes, it is true!  After a long legal battle with the weasels, rats, and other scum over at Mouse-able who think they can report on tech happenings like we can - we have prevailed!

Facebook "Nude Virus" Infects Your Photos

SOCIAL - It seems about once a month a new Facebook social virus starts to spread, and April 2012 is no different.  However, this virus may be spreading faster than any seen since the "Auto Relationship Status Changer" virus broke up many a marriage 2 years ago.  The new virus, dubbed "Nudifier" by industry experts, doesn't target your info though.  Instead, it filters and changes your photos to make you look naked.

Top 10 Online Tax Filing Mistakes

MONEY - As we wrap up the 2011 tax season and millions of procrastinators around the country frantically gather their paperwork to file their returns before this year's deadline, we polled the top 3 online tax filing providers - TaxMama, Taxilicious, and Yo-TaxThis.com for their top 10 mistakes.  Here's what we found...

New App Helps Nervous Men On Dates

SOCIAL - Need help figuring out the right thing to say to your new lady friend on your first date?  There's an app for that.  Sunnyvale, CA startup Hookup, Inc. has announced the release of Cyrano, the first app that guides you through the awkward process of wooing your potential mate.

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