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Galaxy S4 Problems Surfacing

MOBILE - Well that didn't take long. Within weeks of the release of Samsung's flagship mobile device, the new S4 is proving to already be a headache for many customers.  Reports are poring in from around the country about dropped calls, texting issues, and even a strange pink goo that leaks from the back.  This can't be good.

GadgetTracker.com, the leading source for tracking problems with devices such as smartphones, is reporting over 27 defects being routinely reported to be wrong with the new phone.  Some of the more commonly reported problems include:

  • A putrid smell, but curiously only when using Yahoo! sites.
  • Mild electric shocks whenever the word "apple" is typed in a text message.
  • Homepage in browser randomly resets to the Gilligan's Island Fan Club Site.
  • Spellcheck keeps replacing the word "there" with "their" and vice versa.
  • And air gestures, well, who are we kidding?  That was just a dumb idea to begin with.

We tried to reach Samsung for comments on these problems and received this response from their spokesman: "We plan on addressing all of this in the S5.  Not to worry."

Um, what?

Obviously, they feel they have a virtual monopoly, now that Apple has decided to abandon the iPhone so they can focus on the reboot of the Newton, as announced last month.

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